Searchable Booklist of Diverse Nonfiction Literature for Young Readers

This project is meant to rejuvenate interest in nonfiction literature among young readers, while at the same time serving as a resource for K-12 educators who seek nonfiction books that complement their lesson plans.

Each book we’ve chosen is high quality and reflects non-dominant racial and cultural truths.

Common Core State Standards has created a need for greater emphasis on informational texts that are appealing and can be used in multiple subject areas. This site is intended for educators who are searching for good, diverse literature for your classrooms. We also hope that librarians in schools and in branch libraries, parents, students, and anyone else interested in locating good books will use this site.

  • Search over 300 high-quality books for children and young adults.
  • Locate the books you want at a library near you through a worldwide digital library catalog.

“Books cannot take the place of first hand contacts with other people. However, they can prepare children to meet people, to discover unimportant differences, and to appreciate cultural traditions and values unlike their own. They can also give children a pride in their own racial heritage and a knowledge of themselves.”
—Augusta Baker, 1963

Supported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association.

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